The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.
A cozy place on Delfern Drive via Zillow

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.

Feeling down about your paycheck? Is rent a little bit much for you to handle these days? Stop complaining. If you think your housing situation hurts, just think about how difficult life would be if you were ultra-rich.

Real estate prices for the so-called 1 percent are reaching stratospheric levels in L.A. these days. A home that last decade would have cost you $10 million is now in the 20s or beyond. One recent listing was asking for .... $155 million. The federal government should intervene with housing assistance for the poor folks who have to pay these prices.

Thanks to the kind people at real estate website Zillow, we have a mouth-watering list of L.A.'s 10 most-expensive homes for sale (interestingly, all but one are within L.A. city limits):

10. 10425 Revuelta Way, Bel Air. If you don't have the means to go big, you don't necessarily have to go home. This 22,900 square foot estate on nearly two acres only has 16-and-a-half bathrooms. Slum it if you must. Price: $26,995,000.

9. 10346 Moorpark St., Toluca Lake. This one's for you folks who need to spend eight figures on a home but don't want to live on the gilded Westside. In fact, it's the only listing here that's not on the Westside. This Valley property sits on a whopping five acres and features eight bedrooms. Price: $27.5 million.

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.
This copa runneth over, via Zillow/MLS

8. 385 Copa De Oro Rd., Bel Air. If you have to have new, this is close to it. The 10,616-square-foot, circa-2006 mansion sits on slightly more than an acre of land and has seven bathrooms. Remember, copa de oro means cup of gold, and you better have several of those in the bank if you want this puppy. Price: $27.5 million.

7. 9501 Gloaming Dr., Los Angeles. If you're going to pay nearly $30 million for a pad, you might as well get one that's at the top of the hills. This one comes with a rare bonus, even in these here real-estate big leagues: 10-plus acres of some of the most-prime real estate in America. It also comes with the coveted "Beverly Hills Post Office" zip code of 90210, though it's technically in the city of L.A., as are all the listings so far. Price:$29.5 million.

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.
When you have to hire a helicopter to photograph your house. Via Zillow/MLS

6. 3100 Mandeville Canyon Rd., Mandeville Canyon. This little collection of shacks (there are five structures on-site) lies west of the 405 freeway near the Skirball Culture Center. Its biggest attribute, arguably, is an amount of acreage almost unheard of in the rest of the city: 48. Wow.

Also, for you discount shoppers, there has been a $5 million price cut, Zillow says. You and a few dozen of your friends could call this place home for a low, low price: $29,950,000.

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5. 10778 Chalon Rd., Bel Air. This 1927 American Colonial Revival home designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann sits on 1.5 acres and has a view "of the city below," Zillow states. To be more accurate, it looks down on the city below with contempt. This Gatsby-era dream has a mere 12,435 square feet of interior space. In 2001 it sold for $10 million. Today's price: $30 million.

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.

4. 340 N Kanan Rd., Malibu. You know what's better than being in the hills above L.A? Being in the hills above the Pacific Ocean. This particular property is way up there, with a view of Point Dume. While it only has seven beds and baths, it has its priorities straight: The estate sits on a ridiculous 37 acres. Price: $36 million.

3. 2571 Wallingford Dr., Benedict Canyon. This grotesquely huge mega-mansion boasts 22,163 square feet on 5 acres in the city of Los Angeles (it's also in the Beverly Hills Post Office's 90210 zone). The mansion, in a gated community, has 15 bathrooms and, of course, "timeless grandeur and elegance." Moey Shambem champagne will cost you extra. Price: $37.5 million.

2. 475 Bel Air Rd., Bel Air. This one's got a driveway that's basically its own street. It's the "legendary William H. Doheny Estate," says Zillow. Yeah, that Doheny, a descendant of oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny. The estate lies on more than three acres and includes billiards rooms and, of course, staff quarters. (Guess we don't call them servants anymore.)This offering made headlines recently. Price? Only $43 million.

And the most expensive home for sale in L.A. is ...

The Most Expensive Homes For Sale in L.A.
The gates to Delfern via Zillow/MLS

1. 384 Delfern Dr., Holmby Hills. This 15,520-square-foot manse sits on three parcels that span more than seven acres. Zillow says it's a "a grand Colonial estate of classic proportions." It was designed by legendary architect Wallace Neff and has 10 bedrooms. It could be yours for only ... $75 million.

Bonus tidbit. The website Curbed LA says three mega-priced mansions have recently sold, including the Fleur de Lys estate, which was being listed for ... $125 million.

See the full top 10 listings above here.

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