Tesla's Model S.
Tesla's Model S.
Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Forgoes Southern California Plant; City Of Downey Calls Out Elon Musk As A Liar

After flirting with Downey and Long Beach, electric carmaker Tesla Motors has decided to build its next manufacturing plant in Northern California, where the company is based, Downey city officials announced Thursday.

City leaders expressed deep disappointment: "Today the Southeast Los Angeles County region was betrayed by Tesla," stated Councilman Mario Guerra. Tesla CEO Elon "Musk gave me his word that Tesla would be coming to Downey. Today the residents of Downey are learning the same lesson several other cities have learned when dealing with Tesla and Mr. Musk, they cannot be trusted to honor their word."

Downey was hoping a Tesla plant for the Model S sedan would bring 1,200 jobs to the city. Downey officials said they were "hours away" from signing a deal with Tesla when news came that it was building its plant up north.

The City Council planned a special meeting Thursday night to inform residents about the loss.

Tesla announced it would build its Model S in cooperation with Toyota at a previously shuttered plant in Fremont, California, according to LABizObserved.


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