Teenage Girls in Sweden Riot After Being Called 'Sluts'

Teenage Girls in Sweden Riot After Being Called 'Sluts'

In various parts of the world, women have attempted to reclaim the word "slut." We've slutwalked, sluttalked, and begun greeting our friends with, "Whattup, slut?!" (Just me? OK then.)

But in Sweden, hundreds of teenage girls who were called sluts decided that it wasn't cute, and they weren't going to stand for it.

What happened was as follows: An Instagram account was put up by a student at Plusgymnasiet high school, asking users to send photos of "sluts." The pictures wound up being of girls as young as 13 and 14, and documenting their alleged sexual activities. Eventually, as many as 7,000 or 8,000 users were sending in snapshots.

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When the girls whose pictures were used found out about it, they went righteously apeshit. A Facebook page went up letting students know that a protest would be held today, and so this morning, police estimate that as many as 600 girls amassed, throwing bottles and causing a ruckus and demanding that the account's creator take it down. They then moved on to a local mall, where they wreaked more havoc (but didn't hurt anyone or damage property!).

Eventually, a SWAT team was called in and streets were blocked off.

All because of some angry teenage girls.

Ladies, we salute you.

Here's a video of the incident at a particularly tumultuous moment:


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