Swine Flu Scorecard: 99 Confirmed State Cases
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Swine Flu Scorecard: 99 Confirmed State Cases

The state's Department of Public Health says there are 99 confirmed cases of swine flu in

California, with 119 "probable" cases being tested. One such probable victim is a Fairfax High School student -- the first such case recorded in the L.A. Unified School District. School superintendent Ray Cortines, citing DPH recommendations, said the school will not be closed. Teachers union president A.J. Duffy said the school should be shut down for a few days as a precautionary measure.

The DPH has been sending something of mixed messages. During a media teleconference last Tuesday, the department's director, Dr. Mark Horton, at first said there was no reason to close schools whenever a suspected case arose, but under questioning reversed himself in mid speech.

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Here is the confirmed tally for Southern California counties so far, with probable cases listed in parentheses:

Los Angeles: 11 (6)

Orange: 2 (9)

Ventura: 2 (3)

San Bernardino: 4 (20)

Riverside: 5 (6)

San Diego: 27 (24)

Imperial: 21 (19)


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