Prince Michael Jackson.
Prince Michael Jackson.

Stun-Gun-Gate: Katherine Jackson Says King Of Pop's Children Are Safe

Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson denied reports that Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son Jaafar chased Michael Jackson progeny Prince Michael around her Encino estate with a stun gun.

Reports of the weapon being used by kids at the house prompted a visit from the county Department of Children and Family Services this week. It's not clear if any action would be taken as a result. Katherine Jackson stated through an attorney Tuesday that no one was ever chased or injured, even though as many as 14 people, many of them children, live at the home.

"Two weeks ago, Jermaine Jackson's 13-year old son, Jaafar, who lives with his mother Alejandra at the home of Mrs. Katherine Jackson, received a package with a stun gun he ordered online,'' family attorney Adam Streisand stated. "Jaafar opened the package alone in his bathroom and tested it on a piece of paper."

"Mrs. Jackson and security heard the sound coming from the second floor of the house," he said. "Immediately, security went upstairs and confiscated the stun gun. Mrs. Jackson took control over it and then had it removed from the house.''



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