Kamala Harris has slight edge in tight race for Attorney General.
Kamala Harris has slight edge in tight race for Attorney General.

Steve Cooley, Kamala Harris Campaigns Trade Jabs As Last California Attorney General Votes Counted: Commenter Says There's No Voter Fraud

State Attorney General hopefuls Steve Cooley and Kamala Harris are still fighting tooth-and-nail over every vote for the still-up-in-the-air Nov. 2 election, with a focus this weekend on the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder's office in Norwalk.

The Weekly's Gene Maddaus reports that Harris' people are accusing Cooley's people of intimidating election workers there. L.A. D.A. Cooley's folks say Harris' campaign staffers have received special treatment, including a private meeting with county Registrar-Recorder staffers.

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Our commenter of the day, "Volunteer," says we need not worry.

Harris, the San Francisco D.A., was up about 14,000 votes, with 150,000 votes in L.A. County yet to be counted.

Volunteer says voters can trust the process:

I volunteered as an election observer for the Harris campaign at the Norwalk Registrar's office this afternoon.

About 50 workers in the room were verifying signatures on provisional ballots. If you've never seen it, it's a painstaking process that involves punching in an ID number, calling up the name of the voter, and reviewing the signature scanned into the system with the signature on the ballot envelope.

My overall sense having observed this process is that LA County is bending over backwards in favor the voter. A provisional ballot has to go through an exhaustive review before it's rejected. And the operation is huge - hundreds of workers on multiple floors. The parking lot was packed on a Sunday. They're also very well organized - everyone knows what they're supposed to do and there are lots of supervisors on the floor to flag issues and field questions. Watching the whole operation gave me a lot of confidence in the integrity of the vote count.

More campaign rhetoric, or a comforting observation?


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