Stephen Box, City Council Candidate, Likens L.A. to Titanic Heading Toward Iceberg (VIDEO)

L.A. City Council candidate Stephen Box has had the Best Month Ever.

First, he nabbed the cover of LA Weekly with a centerstage cameo in "The Bikeroots." Then, he won over the editorial board of the LA Daily News for its official endorsement -- no small feat for an indie activist hoping to rule big over America's second largest city. Now, this morning, Box witnesses a victory he largely helped win as Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signs a plan to install 1,680 more bike lanes throughout Los Angeles (though the mayor already sort of Tweet-signed last night).

The only thing that could make Box's month a little better? The District 4 council seat, as chosen by YOU, the voter, on March 8. So he came out swinging at the final candidate forum last night, utilizing a tragic pop-culture icon to diss opponents Tomas O'Grady (another indie, endorsed by the LA Times) and incumbent Tom LaBonge:

"Imagine the Titanic heading toward the iceberg," he said. "Mr. O'Grady would run to the bridge and cut the captain's salary in half and then throw half the staff overboard. [Pause for laughter.] Mr. LaBonge would say, 'Give the captain some more time.'"

Finally, it was Box's turn to star in the scenario.

"And I stand before you, committed to taking the wheel and turning this ship around."

In this sweeping metaphor, Box is of course the hero, somehow able to turn around a ship that we all know didn't have the turning radius for that, thanks to its immense size and clunky machinery. But as far as sweeping metaphors go, it's a pretty awesome one.

Just you try not to love the guy:



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