Smithsonian Says O.J.'s Suit Don't Fit

The battle over O.J. Simpson's famous acquittal suit took a strange turn Tuesday when the Smithsonian museum rejected an offer by Simpson's associates to donate the clothing as a piece of Americana.

"The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History will not be collecting O.J. Simpson's suit," the institute stated. "The decision was made by the museum's curators together with the director."

Simpson wore the tan suit during his 1995 acquittal on charges of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The two-piece ensemble, along with the shirt and tie he wore in Los Angeles Superior Court, were offered to the Smithsonian.

Mike Gilbert, Simpson's former sports agent, has possession of the suit. With Simpson's approval, he made the proposal to the museum. The agent has been fighting Fred Goldman, father of Ronald Goldman, for the suit: The dad wants it to help fulfill a civil suit he won against Simpson in connection with the demise of son in Brentwood in 1994.

It seems like a game of keep away as far as the elder Goldman is concerned.

Meanwhile, the National Museum of Crime & Punishment tells TMZ they'd kill for the suit.


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