Small Group Launches Effort To Recall L.A. City Leaders

A handful of activists has launched a "Recall City Hall" effort to expel Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and members of the City Council over their drawn-out and arguably ineffective approach to the L.A.'s budget emergency.

"All current officials are being targeted because of their poor leadership and general incompetence," reads a statement on the Recall site. "Their lack of common sense and financial irresponsibility has caused the city to sink into a financial black hole. Bankruptcy may be the end result of their misbehavior."

Two of five people behind the effort include David Hernandez and Phil Jennerjahn. Both have run for mayor; Jennerjahn describes himself as a conservative Republican.

The group hopes to collect enough petitions to get recall items on the November ballot. Although the group states that "all current officials" are being targeted, so far it only has a petition online that targets one such leader -- Villaraigosa.

"Despite record income over the last five years, Mayor Villaraigosa has led the city down a path of reckless and irresponsible spending that would have been avoided by a more professional and logical city official," the petition states. "In the face of a crushing recession, the mayor actually accelerated spending and hiring to the point that the city may have to declare bankruptcy before the end of 2010."

The document seems to have particular ire for the mayor's backing of a $1.5 to $3.6 billion plan -- rejected by voters last year -- to install solar panels throughout the city. The mayor backed it as a job-builder, but the Recallers saw it as a giveaway to the electricians' union.

Esoteric? Quixotic? You tell us.

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