Skateboard as 'Deadly Weapon' in Venice Attack: Ashley Berg, Savoy Anderson Charged
Ashley Berg / Facebook

Skateboard as 'Deadly Weapon' in Venice Attack: Ashley Berg, Savoy Anderson Charged

Skateboards are for riding, not for fighting.

But the L.A. City Attorney's office today said that a Venice homeless couple -- 21-year-old Ashley Berg and 33-year-old Savoy Anderson -- was involved in using a board as a weapon in an attack on another pair last week.

It happened on a street becoming increasingly known for its homeless encampments: Third near Rose Avenue. According to a statement, the office alleges:

... Two victims were walking to their parked car near 3rd Street and Rose Avenue in Venice, and were approached by Defendant Anderson who allegedly began to verbally harass the female victim. During the verbal argument, Defendant Berg, a known prostitute, who is currently six months pregnant, allegedly attempted to hit the female victim with a skateboard. As the male victim stepped in, he was hit in the face with the skateboard.

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But wait, there's more.

According to prosecutors, the duo then punched the victims and fled. Not something Tony Hawk would have done.

The two were soon ID'd by the victims and arrested.

The big news here is that both have been charged today. In a first for us, Berg has been hit with a count of assault with a deadly weapon, and that weapon is said board. She also faces brandishing a weapon and battery counts.

If convicted she could face two years, six months behind bars.

Her pal Anderson got hit with battery and could face six months.

We found an Ashley Berg on Facebook who's 21 and who says she has a young son in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She lists Venice as her place of residence. Her Facebook handle is "didyouknowthatimcrazy."

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