Showers For Golden Globes As Stars Hit The Wet Carpet

Showers For Golden Globes As Stars Hit The Wet Carpet

One might think that, after several days worth of forecasts predicted a deluge of heavy-duty storm weather starting Sunday, the organizers of the Golden Globes might have a hint that its annual red-carpet festivities at the Beverly Hilton might get a little wet.

Other events, such as the SAG Awards and oh, this little thing called the Academy Awards, have featured tents inclement weather. Organizers of the Oscars in 2008 even erected tents in short time as rain approached. But not for the Globes. Perhaps those crazy Brits who dominate the underqualified but potent Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which puts on the Globes, thought this was just fine spring weather.

In any case, stars arrived in couture finery and leather-soled Italian shoes on the red carpet, with plenty to say about the lack of shelter. "You would think they would've had a rain contingency plan today," said Neil Patrick Harris.

Indeed. Sam Rubin of KTLA News vented as he manned the wet carpet. He noted that Ryan Seacrest had his own, human "umbrella holder" at his side. Actor Stanley Tucci said, "The rain was forecast a long time ago. It's not that complicated."

Our favorite current mayor of Los Angeles (we know, there's only one), by the way, walked the wet carpet with his girlfriend, KTLA News reporter and anchor Lu Parker, and two dressed-up police officers who travel with him. (How romantic).


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