Should Medical Marijuana Patients Naturally Support Prop. 19, The Pot Legalization Initiative?

Do you have a medical marijuana card? Are you voting for Prop. 19, or are you, as our comment of the day suggests, smugly satisfied with the status quo because you're already set as far as your cannabis supply goes?

In a post about how the dispensary group California Cannabis Association opposes 19 (for obvious reasons, right?), the November ballot initiative that would legalize possession of the (non-medical) sale and possession of pot, our comment of the day suggests that those who enjoy their medical marijuana should think about the next guy and just legalize it for all California-kind. States "Kevin:"

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Those with Medical Cannabis recommendations have little cause to reject Proposition 19, smugly knowing that they have "theirs", so screw everybody else.

As I write this, there is a republican (what else?) congressman who wants to eliminate Medical Cannabis nationwide ...

Vote YES on Proposition 19. The rights you save, may be your own.


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