'Of course they're fake.'
'Of course they're fake.'
Rebecca Zamolo

Shit Westsiders Say: VIDEO

Shit people say?

Stop posting shit people say videos on my Facebook wall. That's what they say.

Alas, the meme is getting hyper-local, as expected, and we must explore the finer points of geographic stereotypes. The Westsider?

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She's not so attractive when she utters everyday observations, apparently:

Chris McEuen and Rebecca Zamolo do a good job of capturing the Westside's typical casting-call-kids ethos, even if this is a bit "on the nose" (a term West Angelenos use).

Perhaps it hits too close to home. LA Weekly world headquarters is deep in organic, botox, pet-spa territory.

Did we just say that?

Coming soon: Shit people in Beverly Hills say. Just wait.

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