This guy, this place.
This guy, this place.

Shepard Fairey Auctioning Off Tour Of His L.A. Private Studio

Artist Shepard Fairey is auctioning off a tour of his private Los Angeles studio -- and no, it's not to raise money for his legal defense fund after he got in hot water for using an Associated Press photo as the basis for his iconic "Hope" poster of President Obama.

Instead the proceeds will go to the Brave New Foundation, an organization dedicated to civic participation and social justice. (Isn't Fairey's case, in which AP is suing for copyright infringement, an issue of social justice? Maybe they can take up his cause). Hopefuls can bid through Aug. 25 at Charitybuzz.

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Not only will the winner get an "intimate tour" of Fairey's creative digs, but they'll also receive a five-piece set of screen prints, each sized 18 by 24 inches, according to Charitybuzz.


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