Get her.
Get her.

Sexy Female Robber Sought by LAPD: She Hit a Van Nuys Jewelry Store, Gun Blazing

Cops today announced they were looking for a robber. A sexy robber.

In an unusual case the LAPD is trying track down a rare female stick-up artist who hit what appears to be a jewelry store at Sepulveda Boulevard and Burbank Avenue.

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This particular lady (5 feet, 5 inches, 125 pounds, 20-something) ...

... was carrying a gun during the heist at 11 a.m. on Sept. 19. And, the LAPD says in a statement, she wasn't happy to see the clerk:

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The female suspect posed as a customer and then pulled a gun out of her purse. She pointed the gun at store employee and ordered him to fill her bag. The employee complied fearing for his safety. The suspect took the property and left the scene on foot in an unknown direction.

Get her.
Get her.

She might have dangerous curves, but she's also "armed and dangerous," so try to keep back and let the authorities take this one. Call 818-374-0087 if you've seen her. She might be wearing some fresh bling, too.



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