Charlie's got his sexual health under control.
Charlie's got his sexual health under control.

Sex Lives Can be Ruined by Drugs, Smoking, Overeating (Surprised?)

This should come as no surprise to anyone except maybe Charlie Sheen. But researchers concluded recently that being on drugs, smoking, drinking and overeating is bad for your sex life -- especially for men.

Now, we know the cocaine makes you feel like a porn star, Charlie, but that's apparently all in your head.

Ask the experts at the Statens Serum Institut in Denmark, who say in a study published the Journal of Sexual Medicine that "unhealthy lifestyle factors were associated with sexual inactivity," according to a summary of the findings:

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Increased waistlines translated to 71 percent rate of bad (or no) sex for men. Dudes who used hard drugs increased that rate to 800 percent.

Women used hash (not a big thing here, but still) were three times as likely as non-drug-using women to have trouble reaching orgasm.

The study by Marten Frisch looked at 5,552 men and women ranging in age from 16 to 97.

The professor stateth:

Knowing about possible negative consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle to one's sexual health may help people quit smoking, consume less alcohol, exercise more, and lose weight.

We're starting a diet right now.



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