Defrocked: Rev. E. Joshua Sims
Defrocked: Rev. E. Joshua Sims

'Scarecrow' Compton Minister Busted

The L.A. Times and other sources report that the Rev. E. Joshua Sims, who leads Compton's

Defrocked: Rev. E. Joshua Sims
Defrocked: Rev. E. Joshua Sims

Double Rock Baptist congregation, has been arrested on embezzlement charges. Not only is Sims accused of channeling $800,000 of church funds toward his personal use, but, according to the Compton Bulletin, he freely admitted to parishioners a year ago that he used church money to finance an extravagant lifestyle, and that more than $1 million was missing from Double Rock's treasury. According to the L.A. District Attorney's office, Sims will be charged today "with one felony count each of grand theft by embezzlement, dissuading a witness and money laundering" for crimes allegedly committed between 2000 and 2008.

The Compton  Bulletin reported that at Sims' Inland Empire home, valued at "$750,000, detectives found a cedar-planked indoor swimming pool; a

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61-inch plasma television in the living room and smaller flat screen

TVs in every other room of the house, including the bathroom; hundreds

of tailored and Italian suits; and more than 60 pairs of designer

alligator-skin and sports shoes. Sims also used the money to purchase a

$100,000-plus Mercedes-Benz luxury sports car."

Today black lesbian blogger Jasmyne Cannick mocked Sims by awarding him her site's Negro Please Award.

"[L]et's hear it for the good Revered Sims who stole money from his own people to ride around in a fly car and live in a fly house out in Corona," Cannick wrote. "This is exactly the behavior that keeps Jasmyne out of church-and might I add, continues to give Black pastors a bad rep-will this and their hypocrisy when it comes to issues like Proposition 8."


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