San Diego-Tijuana Olympics Bid Nixed
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San Diego-Tijuana Olympics Bid Nixed

San Diego and Tijuana holding hands like ebony and ivory, together in perfect harmony, side by side, hosting the Olympics?

Not going to happen. Yes, the dream of brownfolk and surfer dudes working in tandem to host the 2024 Summer Games was a pipe dream:

Turns out the Olympics don't allow two countries to submit one bid for the summer shindig.

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So said U.S. Olympics Committee spokesman Patrick Sandusky this week. He told the Washington Post:

There's no opportunity for them to bid together.

San Diego-Tijuana Olympics Bid Nixed
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The binational bid was the brainchild of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner and his TJ counterparts, who wanted to show off the near-5-million population border region to the world.

Bummer. Maybe this will happen in the next century when Mexican Americans finally complete their reconquista of California and this land becomes ours again!

(Just kideen.)

L.A., by the way, appears to be one of about nine U.S. cities still in the running to become America's Next Top Olympic City in 2024.

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