Sam Nazarian.
Sam Nazarian.

Sam Nazarian's Industry Club Sees Alcohol License Suspended After Report Finds Food is Scarce Under its Restaurant License

San Nazarian's Industry club might be the pinnacle of mainstream celebrity venues, but it's an outlaw as far as the state of California is concerned. At least for a few days.

NBC Los Angeles' Anna Garcia is taking credit for Industry's alcohol-license suspension after she reported that the club, along with a few other celeb hot spots, rarely if ever serve food even though they are considered restaurants under their state Alcohol Beverage Control permits.

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Garcia ambushed ...

... Nazarian, L.A.'s nightclub king and onetime mayoral appointee, but he had nothing to say.

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Her latest report indicates that people waiting in line were told that it would cost $2,000 for a table and, she said, there would be no food available.

The ABC hit the venue with a 10-day license suspension, according to the state department's records. But that might be meaningless: Sam Nazarian's SBE company is in the middle of turning the club restaurant into a new venue, according to Garcia.

She busted a handful of clubs in August, though finding venues that have restaurant permits but operate essentially as nightclubs isn't too hard to do: As we said previously, all you have to do is visit a place called Koreatown.



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