After the beating.
After the beating.

Rodney King To Wed Juror In His Civil Suit

Rodney King, the forever famous victim of a horrific, videotaped police beating that set off the 1992 riots, is marrying juror number five from the civil trial that awarded King $3.8 million, RadarOnline reports.

Apparently King began dating the woman, Cynthia Kelley, shortly after the trial.

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But they didn't see each other for years. After a stint on "Celebrity Rehab" to deal with a long history of alcoholism, King reached out to her.

No date has been set.

Charlie LeDuff wrote a nice piece for The New York Times six years ago about King's troubled but still meaningful life after the riots and the financial windfall, which was swallowed by lawyer fees and profligate spending.

City detectives recognize him. They offer their hands, tell him, "Stay out of trouble, man." Fathers point him out to their children. He still means something. By virtue of his troubled life and a single decent gesture, he is embedded in the American conscience.


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