RFK's Son Horrified by Display of Assassination Relics

In retrospect, maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. This week, District Attorney Steve Cooley and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck allowed evidence from L.A.'s most notorious murders to be displayed at a cop trade show in Las Vegas.

Robert Kennedy's son, Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, says he was horrified to learn that his father's blood-stained clothing was exhibited at a casino. He says he asked Cooley to return the items almost a decade ago.

My request was refused by the district attorney's office. The D.A. promised, though, to keep the personal items with care and out of public view... It is almost incomprehensible to imagine what circumstances would have led to a decision to transport these items across state lines to be gawked at by gamblers and tourists.

Beck has apologized to the family, and the items were removed on Tuesday. Meantime, Sharon Tate's relatives are also upset:

"A little warning would have been nice so we could prepare ourselves emotionally," Debra Tate, Sharon's sister, told the AP. "It's part of the insensitivity the department shows toward victims. We're being victimized over and over again."

Is it time to call Sitrick yet?


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