Replacing Gail Goldberg: Activists Weigh In On A New Planning Director

Gail Goldberg, who hoped to bring high-density, transit-oriented development to Los Angeles but was accused of being too friendly to builders, has resigned as the city's top planner, leaving a key vacancy. The Weekly is reaching out to people all over the city to get their ideas about the type of person who should replace Goldberg, and what vision that person should bring to Los Angeles and its future. If you have your own ideas, Email us.

First up, Damien Newton, proprietor of Streetsblog LA, which advocates for smarter development that is friendlier to pedestrians, street-life and bikes.

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Newton: Most Angelenos have lost faith that the city even has a plan. Whoever is going to take the lead at City Planning has to not only have the vision to create and support planning efforts at the neighborhood and community level, but also to tie those dozens of plans into a coherent vision for the city.


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