Electric Daisy Carnival ravers.
Electric Daisy Carnival ravers.

Ravers Say 15-Year-Old Overdose Victim Sasha Rodriguez, Parents Are To Blame For Her Death And The Subsequent Controversy Over The Massive Parties In L.A.

Our story this week about how the family of a 15-year-old girl ecstasy-overdose victim filed a $5 million claim against the city and county of L.A. has drawn a lot of passionate response -- mostly against the teen's parents.

Sasha Rodriguez died a few days after she overdosed on MDMA at June's "Electric Daisy Carnival" party at the city/county/state owned L.A. Coliseum.

The claim argues that officials that run the venue knew that raves there have consistently proven dangerous and produced hundreds of casualties as a result of ecstasy use. Many people weighed in to say so what -- this is about personal responsibility.

Many impassioned commenters blamed the very parents who are apparently behind the claim which, if denied, would be a precursor to a lawsuit.

Our commenter of the day, Naomi, says:

Ridiculous!!!!!!!! They're suing the city because they suck as parents?! So now we all have to pay because they weren't capable of teaching their child about the dangers of drugs?! I don even like raves. The city should countersue. What a giant waste of time.

What do you think?


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