L..A. filmmaker John Ireland
L..A. filmmaker John Ireland
John Ireland Productions

Queer Town: Prop. 8 Trial Re-Enactment Video Ready for Preview

Los Angeles filmmaker John Ireland and his team have posted a preview of their Prop. 8 trial re-enactment project, which will be posted on YouTube and the Web site www.marriagetrial.com.

Last Sunday, L.A. Weekly first broke the news about the daily re-enactments, which have gained national interest.

The preview, which has the three-screen look of what viewers would have seen if the U.S. Supreme Court didn't block the delayed courthouse feed coming out of San Francisco, shows different testimony from the Prop. 8 trial.

Screen Actors Guild actors, who are not being paid for their work, portray the real life participants of the gay marriage ban trial.

Ireland Productions asks for donations to help defray the costs to produce the re-enactments.

Contact Patrick Range McDonald at pmcdonald@laweekly.com.


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