Engines ready!
Engines ready!

Qantas Helps You Get Laid During Lay-overs With In-flight Orgasm Doc

Entry into the mile-high club just got a whole lot easier. Qantas now offers an adult documentary for your in-flight entertainment.

And this one's a keeper. Men, women and flight attendants can take a break from regular in-flight entertainment to learn a thing or three about the female orgasm from "The Female Orgasm Explained, a French documentary that shows there's only one good way to "go down" while flying 30,000 miles in the air.

Qantas has always been ahead of the curve. Exhibit A: Yves Saint Laurent designed flight attendants' uniforms back in the 80s, before it occurred to big business to hire designers to make their employees look the part.

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

And now the airline is making strides to boost the brains of passengers stuck in their seats for hours at a time. And nothing will keep that old chatterbox quiet like a good ol' vagina movie.

"I'd love to hear more about your grand-kids, but shhh, she's about to squirt."

As one of our main hos over at Bossip.com reports, the documentary is the most popular selection on Qantas' in-flight channel The Edge (duh).

And in order to prevent news outlets and anti-female-orgasm squares from freaking out about protecting children, the documentary has a family-friendly MA rating, which allows flight staff to block the program from unaccompanied minors.

But if the kid's got a set of parents on the plane with him or her, it's their responsibility to prevent the little screamers from watching a movie about...well...adult screamers. Female ones.

Personally I'm pleased. Too many times have I met a man in flight whose large and in-charge fuckability was ruined by their lack of dexterity when it came to coming.

Want to bang in the bathroom before beverage service? Or get laid during our lay-over? Tune into The Edge and take notes.


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