Puffy Delivery Aims to Become the Amazon of CannabisEXPAND
Courtesy Puffy Delivery

Puffy Delivery Aims to Become the Amazon of Cannabis

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Puffy Delivery is the new online delivery website for cannabis with a considerable goal: to reshape the culture of digital cannabis delivery service. Based in Orange County, the company is launching itself across Los Angeles and the entirety of California, and with its unique branding and corporate structure, it is doing things that no one else in the cannabis space is currently attempting. High Times recently referred to the company as “the Amazon of weed,” and the comparison is valid. Puffy Delivery is about to totally change the game for cannabis on demand.

Two years ago, Puffy co-founders Michael Ng and Patrick Martin, who already had some experience in storefront cannabis, saw a need for a professional, reliable cannabis delivery service in Orange County. The two viewed cannabis as a retail product, comparable to anything else we shop for online, and they felt it should be treated as such. On top of that, due to the limited number of places in areas like Orange County in which a person could legally buy, purchasing cannabis was a hassle for many. Getting yourself to a dispensary was something that could eat into hours of a person’s valuable time. So, in response, they set out to do something about it by launching Puffy Delivery.

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There are, of course, other delivery services currently in the market, but the size, scope and synergy of Puffy sets it apart from anyone trying to compete. Currently, no delivery company holds the proper licensing to be able to sell cannabis across all of California. Most are smaller, local companies, with smaller service areas and, often, a smaller menu of available items. Puffy Delivery, however, has either secured licenses or is on the brink of securing them in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, Alameda County, Davis, Palm Springs, Lake Elsinore and Moreno Valley. The company is also already in the process of expanding to Oregon and Nevada and plans on being there before the end of 2019. This expansive licensing drastically increases its ability to deliver to consumers anywhere in the state while still keeping delivery time to a minimum (Puffy currently averages about 47 minutes per delivery, one of the fastest delivery times on the market). Having these hot spots also allows Puffy to maintain a consistent, uniformed product line in all of its hubs. That means that no matter where you are located, everyone visiting Puffy’s site will have the same access to the same products.

Puffy is the largest service provider for cannabis media giant Weedmaps.com, providing its customers with the largest online marketplace currently available in the digital cannabis world. “We pride ourselves on working with the largest brands in the cannabis space,” Puffy's co-founders say. Puffy features a wide variety of high-end brand names, including Ignite (powered by Dan Bilzarian) and VVS (championed by Ben Baller). Puffy also recently signed an exclusive deal with Berner’s Cookies line, making it the first company to distribute the product. All of the products sold by Puffy have been lab-tested and pass all regulations set by the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

Puffy Delivery Aims to Become the Amazon of CannabisEXPAND
Courtesy Puffy Delivery

Puffy is a tech-driven company, and its website is extremely easy to navigate, with multiple ways in which a user is able to sort through the site’s products. Customers can search for what they want by strain name, THC level, even intensity of high. The site also serves as a center of information for cannabis, due to the expansive details readily available to consumers on every product listed, making the site a great resource for newcomers to the world of cannabis as well as experienced connoisseurs. Puffy believes tech cannabis is the future, and it believes in creating digital platforms that make the customer shopping experience easier and faster.

What sets Puffy apart from its competitors is its unique marketing approach and strategy. Not only is Puffy a delivery service for brands that have already been established in the cannabis community, it is also a launchpad for those looking to put out their own brands, without having to deal with dispensaries, allowing creators the ability to reach their audience directly. Puffy is currently the only online delivery service that has the capability of establishing brands for new creators. Individuals, companies, and social and creative influencers all have the ability to jump-start their own cannabis brands with the help of Puffy. This unique function is the cannabis equivalent of when Netflix started creating its own original content and could be what sends Puffy into an entirely different category from anyone else in the game. Puffy is focused on creating new ways of interacting with customers through digital platforms, and its unique start-to-finish shopping experience at puffydelivery.com makes it the most innovative cannabis delivery company currently in the market.

The website utilizes creative influencers from a variety of fields to not only promote these influencers’ own brands but to promote awareness for cannabis as a whole. Puffy’s mission goes beyond finding success for itself. Its co-founders want to promote wellness in the communities they reach by first and foremost removing the taboo that still shrouds marijuana in many areas. Puffy currently employs more than 200 people, including more than 15 in-house developers on its tech team, at its Irvine headquarters. With its professional, large-scale corporate structure, and the help of these creative influencers forming their brands or promoting others, Puffy hopes to further educate and inform communities of the benefits of cannabis and remove much of the negative stigma that the plant still faces today.

Puffy Delivery is about to become the go-to spot for all your cannabis needs. With its wide array of safe and quality products, its tech-driven outreach and easy-to-navigate platform, and its wide geographic reach and speedy delivery times, the need to drag yourself to your nearest dispensary has disappeared. For more information or to place your first order, check out the website at puffydelivery.com. You can also follow Puffy on Instagram @puffydelivery.


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