Public Radio Deathmatch: KPCC vs. KPFK

If you've driven anywhere in Los Angeles lately there is no way you've been able to miss the ubiquitous orange KPCC 89.3 FM billboards bearing slogans like "ideas not ideology," and "no rant, no slant."

Back in January, OC Weekly's own Gustavo Arellano noticed that one of these billboards was installed uncomfortably close to the headquarters of one of KPCC's public radio brethren, KPFK 90.7 FM.

On Friday morning KPFK employees were greeted by one passionate listener's fresh tag--proving nothing is harder than reppin' for your local public radio station...except maybe pledging.

The friendly neighborhood graffiteur took the liberty of reworking the billboard to read "NEW ideas...not THE STATUS QUO ideology: KPFK 90.7"--a jab at the award-winning, if image-challenged station that initially purchased the ad.

A KPCC vs. KPFK cage-match would be a little unfair. KPCC is flush with cash, thanks in part to a $1.8 million dollar grant to expand the Madeleine Brand Show into a two-hour national show, while, as Arellano puts it, KPFK "seems to broadcast a loop of endless fund drives."

That's not to say there even is any beef between the two stations. KPCC's Tony Pierce took to his blog to declare that only "about eight people in LA would ever consider either stations rivals" ...before going on to call the artist's handwriting "girlie." BURN.

The billboard before...

Public Radio Deathmatch: KPCC vs. KPFKEXPAND
OC Weekly

...and after

Public Radio Deathmatch: KPCC vs. KPFK


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