Molly Munger
Molly Munger
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Proposition 38 Molly Munger Tax Hike: Absentee Ballots and Early Returns Show Voter Opposition of 74 Percent

Proposition 38, the tax-hike initiative that sought to raise billions to better fund K-12 public schools in California, is facing major opposition in early returns and absentee balloting.

According to the California secretary of state web site, voters are heavily against the initiative by 74 percent. Twenty-five percent of voters support Proposition 38.

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Multi-millionaire and Pasadena civil rights attorney Molly Munger largely funded the ballot measure, contributing $44.1 million to the Yes on 38 campaign.

Munger's initiative competed with Governor Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 initiative, which also seeks an income tax hike.

Munger's wealthy brother, Charles T. Munger, also battled Brown, contributing $35 million to the No on 30 campaign.

So far, Proposition 30 is behind in early returns.

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