Unions have spent heavily to defeat Proposition 32.
Unions have spent heavily to defeat Proposition 32.

Proposition 32 Union Campaign Contributions: Absentee Ballots Show Anti-Union Race Is Tight

Proposition 32, the measure designed to stop unions from deducting political contributions from employee paychecks, was off to a good start after absentee ballots were counted tonight.

But when further results came in a few minutes later, the measure dipped in support. As of 8:30 p.m., and 6 percent of precincts reporting, the early margin of victory had been erased. The anti-union measure had just 48.1 percent "yes" votes and 51.9 percent voting "no."

However, it's important to note that these early totals are just that: very, very early.

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Proposition 32 has drawn an insane amount of spending -- according to the non-partisan Voter's Edge website, labor organizations have spent $75.1 million to oppose the measure, while anti-union groups (including billionaire Charles Munger) have spent $60.5 million.

Officially, Proposition 32 bans corporations and government contractors from automatically deducting contributions from employee paychecks, too. But the measure is clearly aimed at unions, and they've fought back hard.

We'll have more on Proposition 32 as returns come in, so stay tuned.


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