Gov. Jerry Brown
Gov. Jerry Brown
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Proposition 30 Jerry Brown Tax Hike: Absentee Ballots and Early Returns Show Voter Opposition of 51 Percent

Governor Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 is not faring well, with the secretary of state web site showing that voters oppose the initiative by 51 percent. Forty-eight percent of voters support Prop. 30.

For weeks, polls showed that support among likely voters for the tax-hike initiative had steadily dropped. Proposition 30 sought to raise the state sales tax and the income tax for people making over $250,000 in an effort to plug California's multi-billion-dollar budget deficit.

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Getting off to a late start this campaign season, Brown barnstormed the state, trying to get his initiative passed. In addition to raising billions to address the budget deficit, Proposition 30 sought to prevent "trigger cuts" to state funding for public schools.

If Proposition 30 fails, the cuts immediately go into effect, creating problems for California's already cash-starved schools.

For months, Brown has been battling Molly Munger and her brother Charles T. Munger Jr. Munger has given $44.1 million to the Proposition 38, which is a competing tax-hike initiative to better fund K-12 public schools. Charles has contributed $35 million to the No on 30 campaign.

L.A. Weekly will have up-to-the-minute final election results for Proposition 30 and other political races.

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