Pot Pharmacy Offers Free Samples

A very spiffy press release for a new business in Long Beach mentions that the establishment, Cornerstone Health & Wellness, "is pleased to announce the grand opening of its medical marijuana pharmacy." Now, not only is the press release a classy touch, but so is the pot pharm's name. "Cornerstone Health & Wellness." It sounds so rock-solid and traditional -- and healthy, too. Not like some place with a Woodstocky moniker that might summon images of a patchouli-scented storefront waiting to get robbed.

The real eye-catcher about this announcement, however, is that CHW, during its Saturday, August 8 inauguration. "will be giving away free grams of top grade medical marijuana to the first one hundred patients who arrive." It's a no-purchase-required deal, though you've got to have a state-issued I.D., etc., yeah, yeah, yeah. (See link for details.)

They may only be giving out pot to the first one hundred people,

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but Cornerstone is probably going to have a line of "patients" rivaling that of another ill-conceived social experiment -- the Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast giveaway of last February.

Cornerstone Health & Wellness opens Saturday, 8 a.m.; 537 W. Willow St.

Long Beach; (562) 595-7666 or



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