Pop Quiz! In California, can women get driver's licenses? Can Democrats?

Back in '82, the Los Angeles Unified School District hit students with these very questions as part of their well-intentioned yet often goofy Competency-Based Education Program.

This week's Studies in Crap post, over on our Style Council blog, takes us back to the days of Competence, when the district dared hope of getting each student to the level of just barely good enough.

The bizarre scans and quotes from "Competence Achievement Packets" include this actual quiz question:

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"Decide which items below describe a person who might be refused a California Driver's License:

You are not a U.S. citizen.

You are on welfare.

You cannot understand simple traffic laws.

You are a woman.

You faint two or three times every day.

You came from a West European country.

You are a Democrat.

You owe a great deal of money to a department store."

For much more of this weirdness -- plus a lead on where you can buy Dr. Phil's hand-me-downs -- click on through to Studies in Crap!


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