Pizza Pie Used To Lure Team Coco Back To New York

Gawker.TV recently delivered New York pizzas to writers for Conan O'Brien who were making an appearance at the Hollywood Improv. The message? "New York misses you! Come back -- there's more pizza where this came from." (Via LAist).

Sorry Big Apple, but you're with us, Conan. Besides the fact that any deal for another late-night show will likely involve a Hollywood base, we have to remind you what we deliver to Team Coco every day in L.A:

-82-degree weather in early April.

-Korean bulgogi taco trucks.

-7.2 earthquakes that to do little damage.

-Surfing and snowboarding the same day.

-And, if you really need pizza, Nancy Silverton will bake you up a pie at Pizzeria Mozza.


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