The 31 Pasadena Rose Court finalists.
The 31 Pasadena Rose Court finalists.

(Pics) Pasdena Rose Court Finalists -- 31 Of Them -- Announced

The folks behind Pasadena's annual Rose Parade this week announced 31 finalists for the event's "Royal Court." Do we care? Not that much. (Yawn). But here's the thing: They gave us pictures of these fine young women, and we know you want to see:

The 31 Pasadena Rose Court finalists -- from a different angle.
The 31 Pasadena Rose Court finalists -- from a different angle.

IDs, via the Tournament of Roses organization:

Top row, from left: #4 Catherine Huh (La Salle High School), #31 Hope Hood (Westridge School), #44 Joan-Elise DelSanto (Mayfield Senior School), #54 Brittany Tom (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #35 Camille Coffey (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy) #22 Mindy Lewis (La Salle High School)

Fourth row, from left: #67 Margaret O'Brien (La Canada High School), #130 Tenaya Senzaki (Pasadena High School), #243 Dana Kert (Maranatha High School), #273 Crandalyn Jackson (Marantha High School), #201 Katie Thomson (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy), #85 Kyndall Taylor (La Salle High School)

Third row, from left: #279 Ashlie Hampton (Blair High School), #317 Kathryn Czuchaj (Maranatha High School), #421 Sarah Fredrickson (Maranatha High School), #433 Evanne Friedmann (La Canada High School), #389 Maanika Keesara (La Canada High School), #305 Jaslyn Elders (Arcadia High School)

Second row, from left: #441 Giselle Hillier (Arcadia High School), #513 Megan Hubbard (Temple City High School), #703 Emily Pipes (Westridge School), #708 Melody Wang (San Marino High School), #526 Heather Mann (San Marino High School), #473 Paige Conti (Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy)

First row, from left: #745 Jessica Montoya (Flintridge Preparatory School), #850 Madeleine San Martin (Westridge School), #946 Tatyane Berrios (Arcadia High School), #1025 Jennifer Der (Temple City High School), #969 Lindsey Reed (Pasadena City College), #888 Morgan Kennedy (South Pasadena High School), #833 Michelle Washington (Pasadena City College)


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