Col. James Sabow
Col. James Sabow

Pentagon Shooter Was Obsessed With Death Of O.C. Marine

As our sister publication OC Weekly reports, a man who opened fire outside the Pentagon Thursday, wounding police officers before he was fatally shot, appears to have been obsessed with the mysterious, 1991 death of Marine Col. James Sabow in Orange County.

Hollister, California resident John Patrick Bedell, 36, had reportedly written on an internet site that he was "determined to see that justice is served" Sabow's death, which was ruled a suicide even after his family alleged he was murdered in a cover up at the now-defunct El Toro Marine Corps Air Station where he was based.

Family members have alleged he was murdered because he was about to expose a military drug-smuggling operation in Central America.

Bedell was also reported to obsessed with a 9/11 conspiracy theory that a government-backed criminal enterprise was behind the attacks.


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