Pau stays.
Pau stays.

Pau Gasol So Happy He Wasn't Traded Today He Made a YouTube Video

Pau Gasol was loathing the idea of being traded away by the Lakers. Kobe Bryant even came to his defense when rumors were swirling that the lanky Spaniard would be shipped off as part of a multi-way deal.

Today the Lakers made the deal -- with longtime player Derek Fisher going to Houston and Luke Walton and Jason Kapono going to Cleveland.

Gasol was so relieved he made a YouTube video titled ...

... "Happy to continue wearing the Lakers uniform."

You can almost imagine him wiping the sweat from his brow and going, "Whew."

Glad you could stay, Pau. You're like the only Spanish-speaking Laker ever.

[@dennisjromero / / @LAWeeklyNews]


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