Should Pacquaio fight Marquez?
Should Pacquaio fight Marquez?
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Pacquaio Expresses Little Interest in Fighting Marquez

Winning an unprecedented eight weight division titles to become the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world has earned Manny Pacquaio some serious bragging rights.

But it also comes with its pitfalls.

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Since the Filipino boxer's impressive win against Antonio Margarito for the super welterweight title on Nov. 13, nary a moment goes by

without some loud mouth accusing Pacquaio of being too afraid to compete against this or that fighter.

First is Floyd Mayweather's camp who claims that Pacquaio refuses to get into the ring with the undefeated six-division world champion, but keeps finding reasons for Mayweather's unavailability.

And now, Juan Manuel Marquez, Mexico's most prized fighter (52-5 with 38 Kos) has joined the fray.

After coming off of a ninth-round technical knockout against Michael Katsidis in Las Vegas on Saturday, the three-division title champ is demanding a rematch with the Filipino fighter.

"Pacquiao, Pacquiao, Pacquiao, I sound like a broken record already," said Marquez during a post-match interview.

The pugilist is itching to get in the ring with Pacquaio after two unsatisfying bouts against the Filipino challenger that ended in a draw in 2004 and split decision that went to Pacquaio in 2008.

He claimed to have won both fights and even said that Pacquio is too scared to fight him again.

Oh really?

To drive his point, the Mexican fighter donned a t-shirt that read "Juan Manuel Marquez beat Pacquiao twice" on the front and "Pacquiao you're next" on the back, after his fight with Katsidis.

Some sportswriters are siding with Marquez who think that the Pac should grant him another match.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum isn't ruling out Marquez, as well as Mayweather and Sugar Shane Mosley, as Pacquaio's opponents in the coming year.

It isn't so much that Pacquaio fears fighting the 37-year-old challenger as he is trying to assess whether Marquez - who Pacquaio has already beaten, and who has failed to impress in his bout against Mayweather - is even worth the trouble.

(Some sage advice from bloggers: perhaps Marquez fighting Cotto, Margarito or

De la Hoya will convince Pacquaio to go for a third match.)

In response to Marquez's request, Pacquaio's trainer Freddie Roach said that he preferred to have Pacquaio fight Marquez at 147 lbs. instead of at 140 lbs., explaining that he is more suited for the welterweight division.

Pacquaio, however, was more dismissive with his answer.

He stated that although he welcomes a fight against Marquez, boxing fans wouldn't be interested in another rematch.

"Boring yung laban," said Pacquiao in a Filipino news site.

(translation: "That would be a boring fight.")

Uh...was that a diss? Who says Pacquaio isn't a trash talker?

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