Stop, or I'll annoy you.
Stop, or I'll annoy you.

Paco The Chihuahua Spooks Robbers in Altadena: Sheriff's Detectives Release Video of Brave Dog in Action

If you're going to be a stick-up kid, try not be deterred by a 15-pound chihuahua.

A pair of robbers in Altadena were nearly thwarted by Paco the chihuahua during a robbery earlier this month.

One of the thugs even pointed a shotgun at the pooch as the pair demanded cash and appeared to tell the victim to get down.

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Unfortunately ...

... the duo was successful and fled with at least some money , which had been placed in a backpack.

This week sheriff's officials released a video of the hold-up in hopes that you might recognize these tough guys and turn them in.

It happened about 7:30 p.m. on July 7 at Altadena's Ace Gifts & Tobacco, 2507 Lake Ave.

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Two men burst in and demanded cash. "Give me your money homie," one of the robbers said, "for real."

Just as soon, Paco went to work, barking and yapping and appearing to push one suspect back at one point.

Still, the manly duo got its cash and ran south on Maiden Lane.

These winners measure about 5 feet, 6 inches, sheriff's officials say. If you might know them call detectives at 626-296-2114 or 626-798-1131.



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