Pacific Palisades Residents Annoyed By Late-Night Motorcycle Mayhem On Sunset Boulevard

Residents of Pacific Palisades have rallied in opposition to motorcycle groups 'popping wheelies' late at night and vrooming louder than the state-legal 90 decibels per vehicle down Sunset Boulevard.

According to the Palisades Post, a group of 21 residents went to the Los Angeles Police Department's West Traffic Division, City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, and Pacific Palisades Community Council with petitions, asking local police to increase enforcement of speed and noise limits in the area at night.

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Though the issue was brought up two years ago, the issue was never completely resolved.

"I know they are having fun, but it's not the appropriate time," Sylvia Grieb, a Pacific Palisades resident, told the Palisadian-Post in a 2008 interview.

The riders have been slick at detecting enforcement.

"They often send a scout ahead, so they behave whenever the police car is out there," LAPD Senior Lead Officer Michael Moore said of the motorcycle groups.

Petitioners have suggested reducing the speed limit at night and enacting ordinances to prevent noise-polluting motorcycle groups from circulating the area.

Moore said that he would send more reserve officers to patrol Sunset at night. He also encouraged concerned citizens to volunteer their time as reserve officers to help combat the problem.


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