"Murderface" the Cat
"Murderface" the Cat

"Ozzy Pawsbourne" and "Franco Furter" Among Top 10 Most Unusual Pet Names of 2011

"Knuckles Capone" and "Murderface" are names that made the list this year.

No, it's not a registry of LA gangsters, or possibly Dick Tracy villains.

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The annual top 10 list of the most unusual cat and dog names of 2011 is finally out, and if you get a kick out of the name, "Sir Seamus McPoop," this is the list for you.

For the fourth year in a row, the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. chose the most unusual pet monikers from its database of more than 485,000 insured animals.

It's the kind of list that speaks for itself, so here it is.


10. Uzi Duzi-Du

9. Shooter Mclovin

8. Beagle Lugosi

7. Knuckles Capone

6. Dewey Decimell

5. Audrey Shepburn

4. Sire Seamus McPoop

3. Stinkie Mcstinkerson

2. Franco Furter

1. Almost-A-Dog


10. Louisiana Purchase

9. Tape W. Orm

8. Spam

7. Cat Masterson

6. Corporal Cuddles

5. Scruffernutter

4. Fuglee

3. Murderface

2. Mr. Meowgi

1. Ozzy Pawsbourne


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