Occupying Pershing Square today.
Occupying Pershing Square today.
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Occupy L.A. Takes on a New Venue - Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles

With reporting from Simone Wilson.

So soon after being evicted this morning from the grounds of L.A. City Hall, some Occupy L.A. members were taking over another downtown L.A. patch of greenery (if you can call it that): Pershing Square.

About 50 people were meeting there this afternoon, LAPD Sgt. Doug Bowler tells the Weekly.

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A re-occupation? Not so fast:

Bowler says police have talked to the demonstrators and that they say they're just having a meeting and will be out of the concrete park tonight:

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We've talked with them and they say they're just having a meeting and won't stay past closing time. We don't expect any issues.

Pershing Square closes at 10 p.m.

So far, no tents have been spotted.

[Added]: Martine Fennelly, an Occupy L.A. media team member, tells the Weekly the Pershing Square gathering was a meeting place for a rally and march.

She says some occupiers plan to camp out, tents and all, at Los Angeles State Historic Park, even though it's supposed to closed at sunset (info).



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