Numero Uno Supermarkets Sold

Today's L.A. Business Journal reports that Latino-targeted Numero Uno supermarkets have been sold to Nogales Investors Management LLC (a Los Angeles private-equity firm) and "a Houston partner."

"Numero Uno," says managing partner Luis Nogales in a press release, "has a strong presence in Los Angeles and is well positioned to capitalize on the growth in the Southern California Hispanic consumer market."

Nogales might have added that its founder-president was just convicted of more than four dozen racketeering counts involving solicitation of murder, bribery of a public official, harboring illegal aliens and tax-code violations. Last week reporter Jeffrey Anderson wrapped up the trial and conviction of George Torres, along with other allegations swirling around Torres, for the L.A. Weekly. The LABJ's Deborah Crowe notes that federal marshals seized Numero Uno stores and Torres' other assets two years ago.

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