Now, Even Cycling Journalists Have to Deny Drug Use

Now, Even Cycling Journalists Have to Deny Drug Use

As the traveling snakepit that is professional cycling makes its way to downtown Los Angeles tomorrow, Lance Armstrong has released a batch of threatening e-mails from teammate-turned-accuser Floyd Landis.

As you'll recall, yesterday Landis admitted to years of doping and accused Armstrong and several other riders of the same thing.

One of the e-mails is from a Landis sympathizer, who suggests that the whole situation might be improved if somebody would just praise Landis more:

Has anyone ever considered just saying some nice things about him? That might go a long way towards solving this problem. Just because the cocaine whore (hearsay) at Velonews hates him doesn't mean everyone else has to.

VeloNews, in covering the latest developments, points out that this is an apparent reference to managing editor Neal Rogers, who wrote a story about Landis' troubled bid for a comeback in 2009. The story concludes with this:

VeloNews stands by Rogers' story. Finally, Rogers denies the allegation that he has ever had a problem with cocaine, or any other illegal substance.

And you thought baseball had lost its innocence. Be sure to bring the kids to the time trial tomorrow for some wholesome family entertainment!


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