Orange represents Latinos on this map of L.A.
Orange represents Latinos on this map of L.A.
Eric Fischer via Flickr

No Apparent Latinos In Top 25 Income Earners In Los Angeles County Government: Should There Be?

We started a small firestorm when our piece about the Los Angeles County government's top 25 income earners noted that not one appears to have a Spanish surname -- when nearly half of taxpayers in the county are Latino.

We were called racist and even told that our papers would be checked. But the debate raises a serious question: After Latinos have long demanded that UC and California State Universities should reflect California's ethnic mix, should this notion spread to local government jobs? Should Latinos be represented at the highest levels of county government?

John Culver, our commenter du jour, states:

As soon as Mr. Romero and others realize that this is the land of opportunity, not entitlement, the list will change. So kindly wake up and join the rest of us instead of waiting for a handout.


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