News, Culture and Trending in L.A.: Coachella, Good Luck Bar, Tiki Ti, Record Store Day
Lina Lecaro

News, Culture and Trending in L.A.: Coachella, Good Luck Bar, Tiki Ti, Record Store Day

Ella, Eh, Eh

Coachella weekend one is here, and for those of us over 30 (OK, 40), we're free — FOMO is no longer a thing. The festival has fully transitioned into a youth market–driven massive event. But we'll probably never have hate for our hometown-grown mega-fest; that's too easy (almost as easy as hating on the L.A. Weekly). In the past few weeks the old uproar against AEG, which owns a majority stake in Goldenvoice (who put on Coachella) has returned due to AEG head Philip Anschutz, who donates money to conservative causes with anti-LGBTQ agendas. Of course, AEG also owns Staples Center, several venues across the country and pretty much every billboard you see driving through L.A. The L.A. Times' interview with the real mastermind behind Coachella, Paul Tollett, addresses the Anschutz controversy as well as sexual harassment problems that have plagued the fest (which I called out in my piece about women in the music and nightlife worlds creating change).

I'm proud to report that the main subjects of my story, the ladies behind Soteria (namely Daisy O'Dell, Ana Calderon, Michelle Pesce and Kate Mazzuca, who also created the consulting collective woman.) will have a big presence at the fest this year, providing safe spaces and strategic initiatives intended to make large gatherings and festivals better, safer and more inclusive for all. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month so there's no better time to put a spotlight on this move toward fighting harassment and misconduct at music events. In partnership with Goldenvoice and its new Every One initiative, the Soteria team at Coachella and Stagecoach will be providing guests in need with 24-hour access to quiet spaces as well as mental health and medical aid, plus on-the-ground ambassadors (all wearing teal Every One T-shirts) who will be there to de-escalate potentially bad situations.

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The Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz
The Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz
Jared Cowan

Drink the Pain Away
Those of us passing on Coachella, and the Palm Springs party scene that goes with it, have plenty of things to do right here in L.A., of course. There's the L.A. Times Festival of Books, Monsterpalooza, The Rainbow's Anniversary Parking Lot Party and everything we recommend here, plus the usual glut of clubs and bars to hit. Two Silver Lake watering holes promise to be extra packed this weekend. The Good Luck Bar, which announced its closure after 25 years this week due to redevelopment of the area, clearly is not ready to go. The owners' announcement said they were evicted to make room for a hotel and "swinging hot spot," referencing Joni Mitchell in their farewell. For what it's worth, Good Luck was my favorite bar when I worked in the area 25 years ago, and more recently, its dark and exotic feel made for the perfect online date meet-up, though I never ended up lucky in love after any of them.

Just down the street, happy to report that an even older and kitschier beloved bar, Tiki-Ti, is alive and tik-ing, celebrating its 58th birthday this weekend. As they do every year, the Buhen family close the small bar for spring break from April 14 through May 7, reopening on May 8. The Saturday, April 13, anniversary bash kicks off their break with a bang, including Champagne toasts (but order Ray's Mistake instead!) and raffle prizes from 4 p.m. til midnight. Get there early and prepare to stand in line for a chance to sip colorful concoctions and yell "Toro Toro" at a tiny mechanical bull when someone orders a Blood & Sand. Cheers!

Sick City's on Record Store Day last year.EXPAND
Sick City's on Record Store Day last year.
Nikki Kreuzer

Record Store Day
Yeah, that's this weekend, too! If you like collecting limited-edition releases, it's not a day to snooze, either. Rolling Stone via Yahoo lists some great releases out tomorrow for the occasion. To soak up the excitement of the music-driven (OK, money-driven) day, we recommend hitting Amoeba (of course), Rockaway and our favorite one-stop punk shops, Sick City Records, in Silver Lake and Echo Park. They'll be partying all day with comedy, live music, giveaways and more. Click here for more Sick City events.


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