Vote Kashkari or the kid gets it
Vote Kashkari or the kid gets it
via Kashkari for Governor

Neel Kashkari Ad Uses Drowning Child to Make Its Case

It's not every day you see a political ad that should come with a trigger warning. But hand it to Neel Kashkari, the Republican candidate for governor, for doing whatever it takes to get noticed.

His new ad, "Betrayal," opens with disturbing images of a child drowning in a pool. Kashkari yanks the child out, and then — as the traumatized kid sits with a towel wrapped around him — delivers a campaign pitch.

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"Jerry Brown betrayed our kids to protect his donors," Kashkari says in the spot. "When I'm governor, I'll fight for kids, not against them."

Kashkari is referring to the Vergara ruling, which held that the state's teacher tenure laws are unconstitutional, and which Brown opposes.

Gov. Brown's campaign manager responded quickly on Twitter:

Here's the ad so you can judge for yourself.

WARNING: If you're a Republican, this ad may bring up traumatic memories of previous election defeats.

Perhaps the most shocking thing here is that Kashkari has enough money to run a TV ad statewide. According to his campaign, it starts running tomorrow.


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