Beware the EPA.
Beware the EPA.

Nearly Half of U.S. EPA's West Coast Radiation Monitors Might be Out Sick (Good Timing)

We've been telling you for almost two weeks now that radiation from Japan was headed our way, but not to worry.

We are your friend.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported this week that trace amounts of the Fukushima nuclear power plant radiation was detected in Orange and Riverside Counties -- at levels "hundreds of thousands to millions of times below levels of concern."

Okay. But here is a concern:

Eight of the EPA's 18 West Coast monitors might not be working!

The agency announced this week that the gizmos were "undergoing quality review," according to an EPA statement.


Maybe this isn't the best time to have our radiation monitors conk out?

The agency claims that it has more than enough monitors, and that they overlap.

So, um, to summarize. Don't trip out, because you won't be exposed to harmful radiation. But nearly half of the government's monitors that measure that radiation might not be working.

But stay calm.

Still, just to be on the safe side, you can check in with Weekly contributor Michael Collins handy-dandy indie monitor in Santa Monica, here.


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