Sasha Rodriguez didn't know she was taking E?
Sasha Rodriguez didn't know she was taking E?

Mother Of Sasha Rodriguez, Girl Who Died Of Ecstasy Overdose Following A Night At Electric Daisy Carnival Rave, Says Teen Didn't Know She Was Taking E

Sasha Rodriguez is the young raver who might have changed everything, but not before losing her life to ecstasy.

After attending L.A.'s Electric Daisy Carnival in June the 15-year-old died of an apparent ecstasy overdose. Her mother, Gracie Rodriguez, told Dr. Phil Friday that she didn't know her daughter was going to a rave (she "lied to both parents") and that she somehow "wasn't aware" she was taking ecstasy.

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Rodriguez, who has hired a lawyer, also said Sasha "did walk in ... there was no carding," even though the age limit at the huge party on public land -- the Los Angeles Coliseum -- was supposed to be for those 16 and older.

Here's the thing: Do you believe Gracie Rodriguez? Is it possible to take enough ecstasy that would kill you and not know it? Do you think she was not carded, or was she one of dozens if not hundreds of gatecrashers that weekend?

Those are questions that could be brought up in court.

One thing's for sure: Her death rocked the scene. Insomniac Events, the company that puts on EDC, changed its policy to 18-and-older, with strict carding.

And the city and county are reconsidering whether or not to allow raves at venues they control. In one case already an Insomniac Halloween event was canceled by the city-run Los Angeles Convention Center, prompting a $1 million lawsuit against the venue by Insomniac.

We'll stay tuned.


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