• Slumdance Film Festival It was all Slumdog, all the time at the 81st Academy Awards, or so it seemed. DHD, Variety

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • No L.A. Rustbelt Yet Manufacturing is still the king of L.A. County's economy -- even if people see less of it around -- according to an ombudsman from the L.A. Economic Development Corporation. L.A. Daily News
  • Saved by the Bag Manhattan Beach's ban on plastic-bag use by its businesses was voided by a Superior Court Judge who claimed the city council should've conducted an environmental impact study -- to make sure the ban didn't result in paper bag trash. Daily Breeze
  • Fear & Loathing at the Bargaining Table In 2005 Long Beach cops got a 21 percent raise to be spread out over the next four years. Now, against the backdrop of economic free-fall and San Bernardino's forced furloughing of its officers, Long Beach and the Long Beach Police Officers Association are about to square off in new contract talks. The city is talking about furloughs with all nine of its employee unions. Press-Telegram
  • Pinkberry Bubble Melting The frozen yogurt resurgence of the past few years is deflating as fast as the economy.  Svelte, Tutto Tutti and Blue Mango are some local independent shops that have folded, but even successful chains such as Pinkberry and Red Mango are feeling the heat. L.A. Business Journal
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  • Santa Anita Up for Sale? Financial setbacks suffered by Magna Entertainment Corp., the owner of Arcadia's iconic racetrack, are renewing speculation that the company may have to find partners to share its economic burdens or sell off the 75-year-old sports institution. San Gabriel Valley Tribune


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