• Dem on Dem Payback State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-L.A.) disciplined three members of her party for not voting to put spending limits on the ballot -- part of a key compromise Democrats made to finally pass a budget with Republicans. Stripped of their committee chairmanships were Black Caucus leader Sandre Swanson (Oakland-Alameda), Tony Mendoza (Norwalk) and Warren Furutani (Gardena) all have strong ties to organized labor, which opposes the spending caps. Bass also has been strongly supportive of (and supported by) L.A. County unions. L.A. Times

Morning Sixpack: A News Roundup

  • Roger, Rabbi Thump Denier Bishop Cardinal Roger Mahony and Rabbi Gary Greenebaum issued a joint statement, co-authored with L.A.'s American Jewish Committee director Seth Brysk, denouncing Bishop Richard Williamson. The former Argentine Bishop, a hardline traditionalist, had recently been welcomed back into mainstream Catholicism by Pope Benedict XVI, years after Williamson's excommunication. When he questioned the Holocaust on television, however, Williamson was tossed on his ear again. The Tidings
  • Manny Back in Town? ESPN.com says Left fielder Manny Ramirez is about to re-sign with the Dodgers. After some doubts, the L.A. Times concurs.
  • Mob Moves in on DVD Piracy A RAND Corp. study claims organized crime is increasingly involved in the production of counterfeit DVDs -- a racket that offers a bigger return than riskier investments such as drug trafficking. KFWB, RAND Corp.
  • Chief to D.C.: Show Me the Money! LAPD Chief Bill Bratton says he's seeking a cut of the stimulus package to deter terrorism and what he anticipates will be a spillover of violence from Mexico's drug wars. "You want to be investing in me instead of Wall Street," he told AP. "I get a better rate of return." Associated Press
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  • Pellicano Co-Defendants Sentenced Three supporting players in last year's Anthony Pellicano RICO trial were remanded straight to prison Tuesday by Judge Dale Fischer. Disgraced LAPD Sergeant Mark Arneson received 10 years and a month, as did former telephone company technician Ray Turner; Abner Nicherie, who'd hired Pellicano for his wiretapping services to spy on a business rival, got 21 months. All three men also received fines. See L.A. Weekly later this morning for complete story.


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